How to create a beautiful Easter flower display

Oh what a lark! 

Weirdly I’m not actually that keen on flowers (the cut sort) because they seem so wasteful and if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s waste. 

This is a good alternative and means you can just reuse the bulbs in the garden afterwards. I have chosen to use bulbs that aren’t fully out yet to get maximum life out of them.

I have used a variety of Narcissus, Crocus, English Bluebells and Grape Hyacinth but I also think this would look nice in just one colour or variety. 

I plan to re-use this bowl for another planting once the bulbs have gone over and I was thinking of either succulents or Chinese money plants. 

If you make an Easter flower bowl please send me a photo! 

Surely Gardeners World will be calling after this one….